Shama Tahseen

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About Me

Hello, My name is Shama Tahseen and I am an enthusiastic teacher who hails from India and I happen to be a teacher because of my beloved mother’s wish as she always desired me to be one. I must say that all this while, I have no regrets of leaving my fashion designing and commerce background and work with these sparkling eyeballs, laughing faces, warm hugs, and experiencing heartfelt love showered by the children I care for each day. These little rock stars keep me energised, motivated, encouraged to make each day better and being with children gives me a contentment of having spent my day well.

I am a foodie, love healthy food with a bit tadka of junk food, occasionally (it’s good to have a balanced diet). I am a private person and avoid too much social media, love spreading goodness around, speaking my mind at the right time and right place. Like to avoid bitter people, love shopping, spending time with family and cooking.

With a CACHE Level 3 Certificate up my sleeve, I wish to take my career with Early Years to the next level as my passion with teaching has no limits and it gives me moments when I relive my childhood as I take the children through the stages of their Learning and development.