Our Preschool Age Groups

This program has 4 groups as:

  • Pretty poppies – Infant Group Age range 3 months to 14 months
  • Pretty poppies toddlers Group Age range 15 – 28 months
  • Little lilies Age Range 29 – 40 months
  • Dazzling Daisies Age range 40+ months

This programme aims at school readiness and takes the children through a learning journey as they grow and get nurtured in our care.

In this programme, CKELC follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which sets standards for the learning, development and care of children. Age appropriate plans based on the 7 areas of development in EYFS are created with different topics and themes each month. These plans are further broken down into weekly plans with daily schedules.


At this age, the children learn through playing, talking, observing, planning, questioning, experimenting, testing, repeating, reflecting and responding to adults and to each other.

All the child groups have the required adult to child ratio.

The respective classrooms have age appropriate resources and activity areas like a quiet corner, reading area, messy play area etc. These activities encourage them to learn while they are involved in play with their peers.

The classrooms and the activity areas are well equipped with a wide variety of educational toys and resources such as puzzles, construction toys and storybooks. Children explore and learn throughout their day at their own pace in a relaxed, caring and loving environment. Outdoor trips to parks etc would also be present. An indoor play area is also available to support the physical development.

Regular outdoor trips and an indoor play area in the facility to fulfill their physical development need.