What children need to bring with them to the Centre ?

  • Lunchbox
  • Water bottle (filled with water)
  • Spoon/fork
  • Beaker cups for milk (please avoid bringing milk bottles)
  • Diapers for the week: 15 - 17 diapers
  • Wipes
  • Sanitizer (optional)
  • Change of clothes – 2 pairs
  • Blanket, pillow and sheet (if sleeping)

Please note that all belongings of your child should be labelled. If belongings are not labelled we may label them with a permanent marker. We will not be held responsible for any unlabeled belongings which are missing.


At CKELC we promote healthy eating and we ensure the importance of healthy eating is recognized throughout your child’s time at the nursery (please refer to our Healthy Eating Policy). However we do allow some treats on special occasions. Below are some snack box suggestions:

  • Bite sized pieces of fruits and vegetables (all fruits and vegetables need to be sliced/cut from home. Please do not send full pieces of fruit to be cut at the nursery)
  • Humous, labneh, yoghurt and any other dips
  • Cereal and milk
  • Bite sized sandwiches (with jam, butter, cheese, meat slices, tuna etc.)
  • Pasta, spaghetti
  • Rice, small chapatti, small paratha rolls,
  • Small sized idli’s or bite sized pieces .
  • Cheese
  • Egg (boiled/ommelette etc)
  • Yoghurt
  • Small pack of fruit juice
  • Small pack of milk (could be flavored milk)
  • Mini sausages

Please note that the snack/Lunch boxes should not consist of junk or fast food/ chocolates, candies or cup cakes (any of these items found in your child’s lunchbox will be removed and sent home at the end of the day).

“Please note that we have a no nut policy, therefore any kind of nuts and nut derivatives are not allowed as a part of the snack/food. due to cultural sensitivities, pork, alcohol and their dervatives, are also not allowed.”