CKELC’s After School Programme

This is an afternoon programme where CKELC acts as an extended family to support the working parents with children enrolled in the formal school. The programme is created for school agers whose parents do not have afterschool care support arrangements at home.

Usually most of the children enrolled in this programme, are those who have already graduated from CKELC’s morning preschool programmes and have started their big school.

CKELC’s after School programme, is designed to provide care to the school going children after they finish their morning school. The age range starts from the Foundation Stage (Fs1).

This programme is a continuation of the school day, which offers the children an opportunity to get involved and engage in different creative activities, in an enabling environment with caring practitioners resulting in better development and outcomes rather than being with nannies or glued to the TV or electronic gadgets at home.

Homework help is provided if required by the children. Our Homework help session lets your children receive monitored help with their homework so they can enjoy more family time at home.

Arrangements are made for the children to be either dropped to the Centre by their respective school buses or their parents. Transport services are not offered by CKELC for this programme. The children are picked up by their parents in the evening.

The children will have regulated nap hours, snack times etc according to their needs.

The programme timings start from 12:00 pm.